February 2011: For The Record

Words: Dan Kamys For The Record In Fall 2009, my Georgia Bulldogs had a less-than-stellar season. In the Southeastern Conference, our 8-5 record wasn’t cutting it for the bevy of SEC diehards, UGA alumni and booster club contributors. But on the heels of several consecutive successful seasons, the fans soothed themselves by deeming the season a “rebuilding” year. Our star quarterback was gone, and we had a bunch of young guys who were “learning.” Grumbling over the coaching staff did lead to some “adjustments” (a firing and a hiring), and so the concerns were quieted for another year. That brings us to the 2010 season. Record: 6-7. Heads were gonna roll, or were they? The grumbling about coaching turned to a roar, and we’d already used the “rebuilding” excuse. It was time for some soul-searching on the part of our head coach, his staff and the athletic department. We disappointed DAWGS still await answers. Have you had a rebuilding year or two during these difficult times? What about this year: Will this be a rebuilding year, or is this going to be a year when your company can take its built foundation and run with it, emerging stronger than before? As the construction industry shows signs of improvement, my hopes are that this is a fully, completely finished “built” year for each of you. Letter to the Editor BIA Response to Bounds’ Statement About Participation in Vision 2020 As President of the Brick Industry Association, I am compelled to respond to Mackie Bounds’ comment about BIA’s participation in Vision 2020. In his Dec. 1, 2010, message to MCAA members he stated:

”I cannot close this article without talking more about Vision 2020. I am asking the Marketing Committee to activate this program at the MCAA. Our partner, NCMA, is doing a much better job than we are. Then there is the BIA, who aren’t engaged at all. I want us to become better, and it is my goal to get the BIA engaged.”

BIA has led the way in passing masonry planning policies for over a decade. This work is accomplished by our four regions, with eight staff members and consultants who address this critical issue. As a result of their efforts, 49 ordinances requiring brick or masonry have been adopted in 16 states in just the past two years. I believe the success of this effort was instrumental in leading MCAA to formulate the Vision 2020 program. BIA has been involved with Vision 2020 since it began. At a meeting in Charlotte in September 2009, MCAA, BIA and the National Concrete Masonry Association agreed to use BIA’s Southwest region, specifically in Texas, as a test case to see how the three associations can cooperate to make Vision 2020 a reality. In addition, BIA community planners from the Southwest and Midwest/Northeast regions made presentations to the 2010 MCAA and NCMA national conventions to explain how our successful procedures for masonry ordinances work. Another presentation was made in 2010 at a regional masonry conference in Ohio. The BIA-SWR Board of Directors and their Executive Director, Rudy Garza, have worked closely with the officers of the Texas Masonry Council to move the masonry planning policy effort from BIA–SWR into the TMC. Following several months of discussion, a letter of intent was signed on Aug. 30, 2010. TMC is currently revising its bylaws to restructure its board membership to accomplish the transfer. The other three regions pledged to work with mason contractors when specific requests for a local policy came forward. While there has been contact with local mason contracting associations in two regions, only one such request to help develop a masonry ordinance has been brought forward and assistance was provided. With funding from brick manufacturers, BIA’s regional staff will continue to pursue pro-masonry policies to help achieve the goals of Vision 2020.

J. Gregg Borchelt, President and CEO Brick Industry Association

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