New White Paper From Benjamin Obdyke

Words: Dan Kamys

white paperNew White Paper From Benjamin Obdyke

A new White Paper from Benjamin Obdyke gives architects, builders and contractors the facts on how to control mold and mildew in exterior walls, while increasing the efficiency of the building envelope. It also provides research, charts and maps that help professionals choose the right product and system for each exterior cladding and climate.

The compelling need for moisture management solutions has been driven by a number of developments. These include the need to comply with growing federal requirements, such as the International Residential Code and the International Building Code, which require a means of draining water that enters a building assembly to the exterior.??In Canada, the National Building Code now requires the use of “?Ķa drained and vented air space not less than 10 mm deep behind the cladding over the full height of the wall?Ķ” in areas that exceed a certain annual rainfall threshold.

Other concerns to building professionals include the need to preserve the life of the exterior cladding; manage moisture infiltration; and avert the potential for callbacks, remediation and/or litigation costs when moisture management is handled improperly. For more information, visit

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