Hanson Hardscapes Aquaflow Permeable Paving System Going Strong After First Year

Words: Dan Kamys

Hanson Hardscapes, a North American premier manufacturer in the hardscapes products industry, completed the first installation of its Aquaflow permeable paving system at the Toyota of Stuart dealership in Stuart, Fla., one year ago.?? Approximately 45,000 square feet of 80mm thick Aquaflow paving blocks were specified for the dealership’s three-acre site because of the product’s attractive, sustainable and more efficient stormwater drainage system. Today, the Aquaflow product is showing its value as a powerful asset eliminating pedestrian hazards, maintaining a smooth, aesthetically appealing surface and withstanding challenging weather conditions, such as Tropical Storm Fay, which made record rainfall in Florida last August, striking four times and causing extensive flood damage.


“We have been extremely satisfied with the performance of Aquaflow at our facility,” said John Pierson, Toyota of Stuart, owner.?? “The product has proven to be extremely cost-efficient, eliminating pedestrian accidents, surviving one of the worst storms we’ve seen and maintaining an attractive and inviting surface for our customers.”

Hanson Hardscapes, licensed under UK-based Hanson Formpave, was selected by Creech Engineers for the project. ??Aquaflow was chosen over competing products because of its compatibility with the land layout and high performing features.?? Aquaflow takes up less space and produces smaller gaps, which is more appealing and avoids any pedestrian hazards. Hanson manufactured Aquaflow at its Haines City, Fla., facility.

“Maximizing the land use was an essential requirement for our customer,” said Pete Zingarella, director of sales at Hanson Hardscapes.?? “The Aquaflow paving and sustainable drainage system allowed the dealership to use the land in a more productive and lucrative way, while reducing spend on conventional storm water management tools.”

The permeable paving system is used to manage stormwater runoff, which has proven to be an increasing challenge for parking lot drainage.?? Aquaflow is an environmentally sensitive and affordable solution that performs as a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS), can clean pollutants, support groundwater recharge and create a durable and hard surface with an attractive finish.?? Its drainage system allows rain to infiltrate through a permeable concrete block paved surface into a unique stone sub-base, where the water is cleaned by the Inbitex geotextile layer through filtration and microbial action, before being released in a controlled manner into sewers or watercourses, or infiltrated directly into the sub-grade.?? Water flows through the surface at an approximate rate of 354 inches per hour (9,000mm per hour).

Hanson was able to provide easy and affordable installation to the Toyota of Stuart dealership, and a durable, long lasting product that performs to the highest standards.?? Suitable for all forms of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, Aquaflow can be integrated with non-permeable pavers and it’s extra smooth surface makes it a safer and more comfortable travel option.?? Aquaflow promotes sustainability with environmental benefits, and is compliant with the LEED certification and points system.

To learn more about the Aquaflow permeable paving system and Hanson Hardscapes, please visit www.hansonhardscapes.com.

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