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Marvelous Masonry: Castillo de Coca

Words: Cass Stern

Nestled in the heart of Spain, standing amidst the Castilian landscape, lies the formidable Castillo de Coca, a testament to the grandeur of Spanish medieval architecture.



Building More: Commit Or Swing Away, The Choice Is Yours
Words: Corey Adams

Our yearly golf trip recently came and went. It is always fun to get out there with the guys. It does help when the guys consist of other business owners, sales reps, lawyers, financial guys, and more.

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In today's construction industry, there is a significant talent shortage, with less than 3% unemployment for critical roles such as project managers, estimators, and field supervisors.
Business Building: What Happens When Owners Won’t Let Go?
Who among us can claim that worry has resulted in a longer life? The same thing applies to business. Who among us can claim that worry has resulted in business growth? I’m confident the answer is no one.
Contractor Tip of the Month: Stop Worrying and Start Living

Chairman's Message: Round Up The Usual Suspects

There’s a fabulous scene in the climax of the film CASABLANCA starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. In the scene, Claude Reins, the French Police Captain during German occupation, arrives at the airport hanger only to find Bogart had just expired



Castillo de Coca



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