MCAA Platinum Partner InStone Introduces New Brand, Toro Stone


Toro Stone, a new stone veneer brand designed with the needs of masons and contractors in mind, is launching to the masonry world this month. With selling points that include nationwide distribution, innovative packaging and consistent colors, Toro Stone simplifies the specification and ordering processes to provide customers with efficient stone solutions and ongoing product support.  

Industry veteran InStone, the largest wholesale stone distributor of thin veneer masonry products in the United States, developed the Toro Stone brand. Backed by more than 35 years of industry-leading experience, the Toro Stone brand launch is a culmination of years of color research, customer insights and industry best practices.

"The Toro Stone brand is a reflection of the values we share with our customers,” said Kevin Grotke, president and CEO of InStone. “We believe in building lasting relationships, just like our enduring connections within the masonry community. Our brand name and the iconic bull logo symbolize the attributes we value most—strength, integrity, and hard work—creating a foundation for our business and customers to thrive."  

Toro Stone's extensive dealer network and strategically placed warehouses guarantee swift product distribution, ensuring timely delivery to customers. On average, orders are delivered within a few days. The ownership of the Toro Stone brand by InStone facilitates the establishment of a well-defined distribution area and expands product availability. This approach ensures that Toro Stone's high-quality products are easily accessible to customers nationwide.

Product colors within the Toro Stone line are uniform, creating a high-quality aesthetic that lasts over the years. What sets Toro Stone apart is not just the repeatable nature of the colors, but the assurance that when more product is needed, it can be sourced from another lot without compromising on consistency or availability.

Toro Stone features Smart Packaging, designed to simplify project estimating, ordering and handling. Toro Stone product is boxed as 10 square feet or 10 linear feet, providing a compact, efficient, and standardized solution for masons and contractors. The result is a streamlined ordering process as well as packaging that is easy to handle and store, without an abundance of leftover stone at the end of a project. Improved crating and pallets will allow Toro Stone products to be stacked easily, leading to improved warehouse utilization. 

The team at Toro Stone also offers comprehensive product guides and access to product visualizers and hands-on training, backed by customer support made up of industry veterans. 

"We understand that the masonry community deserves more – more options, better packaging, and dedicated customer service made up of real people with industry experience,” Grotke said. “Toro Stone was not created out of thin air; it was born out of a commitment to provide the best possible products and support for our customers because we believe those human connections strengthen the business.” 

About Toro Stone 

Toro Stone, a brand developed by InStone with more than 35 years of expertise in the masonry market, is distributed nationwide and headquartered in Alsip, Illinois. The brand's commitment to quality, innovation, community engagement and technical and customer support sets it apart as a reliable and excellent choice for stone masons and contractors nationwide. Toro Stone products are guaranteed for 50 years from manufacturing defects when properly installed according to CMHA guidelines. Visit for more information. 

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