The Fechino Files: Mortar Net Solutions 2021 Masonry Apprentice Scholarship Awards

Words: Steven Fechino

Steven Fechino

It seems like folks can use a hand occasionally, and when it comes as a complete surprise, it is even better! In 2021 Mortar Net Solutions presented 30 Masonry Apprentice Scholarships to individuals that their instructors believed in them because they all exhibited an excellent work ethic and responsibility to the trade. 

 The scholarship began in 2019 with four student recipients mostly located in the southeastern states; then, in 2020, it grew to 20 recipients from across the country.  In 2021 we grew to 30 worthy students, and in 2022 we plan to expand the Mortar Net Solutions Masonry Scholarship to 40 awards. 

We cannot do it alone. We need the instructors from the trade programs to simply apply with a short narrative discussing the outstanding characteristics of their students and sponsors that believe in the scholarships and provide quality items for the scholarship gift tool bag. We also need corporate support from Mortar Net Solutions and the never-tiring assistance from Greg Skyta, Mortar Net Solutions’ Marketing Manager. Greg brings hard work to the scholarship, creating logos, signage, digital artwork, and social media posts. Greg has been irreplaceable with the organization that he offers, and he goes a long way to support the apprentices.

The scholarship consists of a monetary gift of $350.00 payable to the school or organization that recommends the student. The scholarship also includes a gift tool bag, as we call it, a traditional canvas, leather-bottomed embroidered tool bag that is filled with enough new tools and corporate swag to set up the apprentice for many years. The scholarship does not have a string line attached; there is one in the bag, though (Dad Joke at my best).  

This year’s recipients are as follows:


Submitted by:

Instructor: Fred Mason

Annayeli Dionisio

Maria Torres

Instructor: Travis Holdaway

Keagon Blanco

Anthony Singer

Instructor: Joe Webster

Steven Hunt

John Jenkins


Instructor: Mike Campanile

Austin Grammes

Josh Rouse

Instructor: Carlos Jones 

Michael Griffin

Instructor: Kenny Allen

Jamarkus D. Hill

Montrell Wilson

QuinDarrius k. Merchant

Instructor: Patrick Wyatt

Jaxon McCreary

Instructor: Cassie Mejia

Marcos Ortega

William Lopez

Macio Wright

Antonio Gamboa

Instructor: Wayne Miler

Zane Holloway

Luke Thomas

Instructor: Pat Furgeson 

Ryan Lukens

Instructor: Scott Pritchett

Aaron Aresnault

Reid Rheinsmith

Instructor: Lowell Glodowski

Patrick Maloney

Instructor: Fred Campbell

Able Ortiz

Jacob Cutler

Instructor: Dustin Love

Elias Knott

Instructor: Macy Williams

Keni William Edwards Joseph

Instructor: Doug Burton

Josh Holder

Instructor: Ryan Shaver

Diego Vega

Brandon Goins


Who can apply, and what information is required?

The information we request is as follows:

  • Name of Instructor, phone, e-mail, and school name, and shipping address.
  • Name of Applicant
  • The short reason for naming the student, interest outside of masonry and who got them interested in masonry and their shirt size
  • Scholarship recipients will be featured on all of our social media pages in name and photo image.
  • 1 year remaining as a masonry apprentice.
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