Huntley Brothers Company Inc.: A Company Profile

Words: Ashley Johnson

Words: Ashley Johnson
Photos: Kent Huntley 


To provide a place for our family members to have a job, provide quality masonry service,  and give back to our industry.


Masonry runs in the Huntley brother’s blood, as does hard work, passion, and ambition. Before Ed, Tim, Kent, and Chet Huntley started Huntley Brothers Company Inc., in 2011, they worked with their father and uncle for 25 years at McGee Brothers.

The McGee Brothers Company is a two-generation family masonry and construction business in Monroe, NC, along Carriger Road. Started by Sam and Don McGee in 1971, the business was ground zero to train and employ members of the expansive McGee and Huntley families.

Sam McGee excelled at sales and business management. Don McGee was already an experienced mason. While Sam learned to lay brick from Don, he also managed the new company. 

On the first day of business on April 26, 1971, Sam’s son Jonathan McGee and a local teen by the name of Nelson Welch, came to work after school. This started a long-standing tradition and mission to begin training the next generation of masons.

Fast forward 40 years to the Huntley Brothers. Ed, Tim, Kent, and Chet grew up with six siblings. For 25 years they worked at McGee Brothers with their Father and Uncle. But in September 2011, the four brothers decided to embark out on their own.

Based in Mint Hill, NC, Huntley Brothers, Inc., celebrates its 10-year anniversary in September 2021.

Like their father and grandfather, all brothers gravitated to careers in masonry. They have realized that there is no greater satisfaction than building something special. As demonstrated by McGee Brothers, ambition also ran through the brothers. It was only natural for them to break business ties and start their own venture. 

When Huntley Brothers started the business, it was just the four of them. In their first year of business, they grossed $2.9 million. Today the company employs 130 employees and brought in $26 million. 

Each brother has his own unique specialization with regard to masonry. Ed focuses on grading, masonry, and concrete, Tim focuses on home building and masonry, Kent focuses on just masonry, and Chet focuses on concrete poured walls. 

When the brothers aren’t managing the business and working on masonry projects, they take some time hunting, golfing, boating, and spending time with family.


Instead of adhering to a definitive niche or specialty, Huntley Brothers commits to a range of commercial and residential projects that include light retail and residential construction. Their masonry can be seen on the facades of buildings throughout North Carolina on homes and commercial businesses like ALDI grocery stores, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Chick-fil-A. 

The largest projects on which the business has worked recently include several banks. Large projects are not their sweet spot, nor where their passions lay.

Huntley Brothers specialize in brick and stone masonry for foundations, outdoor fireplaces, flatwork, and patios in commercial and residential construction. They also offer high-end custom work like pouring concrete walls, concrete footings, and drainage and landscape grading services. 

“I know it's cliche, yes, and it sounds old-fashioned,” said Kent, “but we think that because we try to treat people right that we've got a lot of repeat customers.”

The Huntley Brothers’ commitment to the community in St. Jude Foundation’s Dream Home Giveaway can see their involvement. In March of 2020, along with other businesses, Huntley Brothers provided equipment and masonry labor to a home in Weddington, NC. In seven hours, more than 100 mason and laborers brick veneered the entire facade of a two-story residence.


Like their community involvement, the Huntley Brothers are also active in the local masonry and construction industry. They joined the North Carolina Masonry Contractors Association (NCMCA) three years after starting the business. 

Kent Huntley is currently the Chairman of the Board. Before he stepped into this role, he served as president twice, secretary, and treasurer. He also is increasing his role at Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA) as he moves up the ladder there. 

“We just think it's very important that we stay involved and in the different associations,” said Kent. “And especially the MCAA.”

For the next generation of masons, it’s important to the Huntley Brothers to recruit and offer training. They regularly see and experience young people joining the industry. 

“We feel like being a part of the national training gives us a national association, gives us a little bit more credence,” said Kent. “But we have been very fortunate in training a bunch of young folks to come into the industry, and that's something that I'm very passionate about, is training youth.”

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