Separating Work-Life from Personal In The Busy Season

Words: Sa Bal

Words: Sa Bal
Photo: Turker Minaz

With all the responsibilities and day-to-day activities, the line separating your work life from your personal may become blurry. Especially for those with leadership and office roles, work-life balance may seem unattainable. However, it’s critical to make time in your daily, busy schedule to pay attention to your personal and professional needs. With the “busy season” in full effect now, it may be more challenging to do so. Let’s discuss how you can juggle your work responsibilities with your ones.

Separating your work life from personal during the busy season is the perfect way to increase your efficiency. Here we discuss the steps to creating the ideal work-life balance:

Prioritizing Your Work and Personal Activities

The fact is that the summer season typically gets busy. From the increase of project loads to the exchange of the roles of virtual or in-person school duties for summer activities with the family, it’s easy to forget your regular responsibilities. In turn, you’ll likely feel that there isn’t enough time to fit both things into your schedule. 

That’s why, to ensure a healthy work/life balance during the summer season, you need to reassess your priorities. 

Start by curating an extensive list of must-do work and personal activities. Your work projects during the busy season should be on the top to ensure you don’t end up missing your deadline as a result of family parties. 

Once that’s out of the way, you should focus on activities you can enjoy outside the office. Here you need to figure out which family parties, festivities, and additional holiday tasks are most relevant to you. You may list this in order of importance.

Creating a Schedule and Sticking to It

The summer season entails spending time with your loved ones. Everyone gets together with their special ones to enjoy the diverse festivities. But here’s the thing; holiday season doesn’t mean you need to pick your personal life over work duties.

One fantastic way you juggle your schedule with daily work responsibilities is by creating a plan and sticking to it. Therefore, you need to develop realistic commitments while keeping available time at the forefront. It means that there might be times you’ll have to decline an invite to a party or say no to working overtime. 

Remember that taking time off for yourself is essential to ensure you don’t burn yourself out. Especially since the summer season is all about joy and happiness, crafting a schedule by highlighting the most critical events provides you with the perfect break.   

Creating Healthy Boundaries that Separate Work-Life Time from Personal 

Creating healthy boundaries sounds pretty straightforward. However, you may find it challenging to impose a healthy balance between the two. An excellent way to achieve the perfect balance is by setting limits on the amount spent on each aspect.   

Your employee tells you mandatory work hours. Therefore you should focus on working during that time only. If you bring back home and start working overtime, you’ll destroy your work-life balance. Instead, you must learn how to utilize your given time efficiently. In this way, you can finish everything in a timely fashion and enjoy personal activities. 

What’s more important is remembering to stick to your holiday work hours. It means that you should focus on finishing work-related projects, meetings, and so on during work hours. However, you should avoid bringing your work home. Moreover, refrain from checking email, replying to work messages, logging into your account, and replying to messages. 

If you create a schedule, be sure to plan out your day in a way as to complete all the written tasks. Moreover, explain to your staff member that they should be respectful of your time spent with family and friends. 

Maintain Exercise, Nutrition, and Sleep Routines 

Find comfort in activities that are under your control, such as sleep, exercise, and nutrition. If you’re short on, you can skip going to the gym and enjoy working out inside your home.  

Bodyweight circuits and runs are two of the most efficient and exciting ways to break a sweat in less than 30 minutes. On the flip side, you should work on creating a nutrition-orientated mindset. Try to resist stress-induced cravings. Eating well assists you in your mood, and if you feel good, you will likely operate at better levels. 

Last but not least, you should commit to a healthy and consistent sleeping schedule. By going to sleep and waking up around the same time, you can make your mind feel fresh.

The Benefits of Separating Work-Life from Personal 

Maintaining a work-life balance means separating your work life from your personal. But why is this boundary so important? Let’s discuss this in detail here:

  • Taking time off of work helps you relieve stress. In turn, your productivity in the workplace goes up.
  • Setting boundaries helps increase your efficiency and decreases the chances of you experiencing burnout. 
  • Social events are the perfect way to encourage harmony between your work and private life.
  • An excellent work-life balance allows employees to complete work on time and make time for their family and friends. 

Final Verdict 

The summer season should be all about enjoying time with your family members and friends. Avoid working overtime or wanting too much by reflecting your desires for the summer season before it comes. 

Figure out what things you wish to enjoy with your friends and family members and write them down. Next, turn your desires into actionable and practical goals like arranging family expeditions, fun-filled events, and trying new things.  

The act of listing your goals is the perfect way to focus on your priorities tangibly. Ensure the ideal work/life balance during busy seasons by following the steps above.

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