Pushing Forward

Words: Todd Fredrick

Bronzella Brown, Editor - bbrown@masoncontractors.org

Happy April, everyone! I must say as I sit down to write this, daylight savings just happened this past Sunday, and I seem to be one or two steps behind where I usually am. I’m sure this has happened to everyone, but I tend to take it a bit more personally when it happens to me. Not because I’m behind, but because I was in a groove and was doing so well with all my tasks and hobbies. However, it’s not about how I’m knocked down but how I get up; that recovery will always be crucial to success. I know how cliche that looks, but it’s the truth. I have to remind myself that the process may be rocky and bring about new experiences or struggles, but the outcome is what I have to keep in mind. 

With the change in time and weather (finally!) comes a new mindset, as I mentioned in my note from last month. I’ve tried to take it a step further and plan the upcoming months with a positive and optimistic outlook. For those who read my notes every month, you know I like lists, plans, and being prepared for everything. It’s clear I was someone’s scout in my childhood, but that old saying “always be prepared” has helped me so much in life. If you’re already prepared, you won’t have to scramble to do so when something happens. That way, when and if life knocks you down, you can bounce back that much quicker. 

I’m sure we can all agree with the change in the weather. This outlook doesn’t seem too bad, although it may be a little overly optimistic — if there's such a thing. That’s enough of me going on about preparedness. There are a ton of great articles for you to read this month! 

Following my note, you will find an informative article on the importance of Personal Protective Equipment or PPE. Get a refresher on the items that will help to keep you safe on a jobsite while working. You will also find a case study on the Union renovation at the University of Michigan, our 2021 Annual Meeting recap from February, and innovations in lasers article. Don’t miss the 2021 Annual MCAA Auction spread, a brick matching case study from our friends at Masonry Cosmetics, Inc., and a telehandler maintenance article that features more tips and tricks to maintaining your jobsite vehicle. 

You will also find a reprint of Fred Campbell’s Wall of Fame article; in the March edition of MASONRY, there were editorial and layout errors, and the wrong name and photos were used for this interview. So be sure to check out Fred Campbell’s inspiring story as well as our 2021 World of Concrete schedule, as it has officially gotten the green light and will be June 8-10th in Las Vegas, NV. 

We hope you enjoy all the interesting reads in this issue and, in the meantime, continue to push forward to whatever goals you’ve set for yourself. 

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