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Words: Cass Stern

Words: Cassandra Stern
Photos MASONRY Magazine, Tick-Tock

Do you love daily specials? Weekly deals, monthly steals, even annual or semi-annual sales are always an event when it comes to your favorite retail store or brand. Over time, consumers can come to expect when regular events like sales will happen based on their rotating schedule, and social media series works in a similar fashion. Every week, our MASONRY Magazine, MCAA, and MASONRY Design Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages run a variety of engaging and informative infographic series. These campaigns allow our followers an exclusive look at interesting content, access to giveaways and contests, and are another fun way masonry enthusiasts and career professionals can network with others in their industry. In this Social Media Update, we’re taking a brief look at some of our most recent and successful social media series. Be sure to check us out at @MASONRYMagazine or @MCAA for more information and a better look at what our pages have in store for you, including events, videos, and more. 


This MASONRY Magazine social media series differs from others on this list because it uses photographs rather than infographics to great success. Every Monday morning, #MASONRYMagazine posts a Spotlight Feature and profiles a different masonry project case study from the MCAA Project Gallery. Ranging from the practical (government and college buildings) to the whimsical (private residences and hardscapes) every week shares a project from a different category that highlights a unique masonry technique or material. Previous projects have included the Benedictine College Ferrell Academic Center in Atchison, Kansas, and a beautiful private residence and hardscape in Axtell, Texas. 


#TechTuesday is one of the MCAA’s most popular weekly social media series, and it’s easy to see why. Running on both the MCAA and MASONRY Magazine social media channels, #TechTuesday posts cover a variety of topics, links, and information for the career mason or mason contracting company looking for the most up-to-date information on masonry tips and techniques. Previous posts have included MASONRY Magazine Tech Talks and technical articles, links to downloadable Technical Notes from the MCAA and Brick Industry Association, and even Tech Tips from the National Concrete Masonry Association. #TechTuesday posts are shared widely on social media and have garnered responses and positive feedback from a variety of MCAA and MASONRY Magazine followers. 


Another photograph-driven social media initiative, #WackyWednesday posts are shared on both MASONRY Magazine and MCAA social media channels. These posts focus on creative, inventive, artistic, and otherwise unique uses of brick, stone, or concrete block masonry. Wildly popular, past posts have included sculptures, murals, a brick living room set, and even a brick car! In addition to unusual art pieces, #WackyWednesday posts also feature seemingly impossible technical feats like brick knots, twisted pillars, or a facade that seems to be in motion. Considering that masonry is one of the oldest forms of architecture in the world, it’s not surprising that there are tons and tons of incredibly wacky masonry structures out there, and we hope to feature them all! 

#TriviaThursday (Did You Know?)  

One of the best parts about social media is that it is an easy and direct way to reach your audience and share some of the fun and interesting facts we’ve learned about the trade along the way. The goal of the #TriviaThursday series is to engage with our followers by sharing little-known facts about our favorite things: brick and mortar! From historical facts to definitely, there’s a lot we love to share on #TriviaThursdays. On MASONRY Magazine, we’re always sure to share a #DidYouKnow fact, and on the MCAA page, we’ve recently finished a #TriviaThursday contest that will be back in the swing by the new year. Hint: be sure to brush up on those definitions as well, like the #DefinitionOfTheDay series that is often posted on the MCAA and MASONRY Magazine pages! 


This one truly is a bundle of fun. Like #TriviaThursday, these #FunFactFriday infographics are designed to be both engaging and educational but are typically released on the MCAA social media pages. #FunFactFriday posts are particularly designed for beginning masonry students or for masonry instructors looking for eye-catching and interesting content to share. While simple, these facts are simple to understand and very relevant to introductory masonry material applications and techniques. Sometimes fun and lighthearted, while other times more serious and informative, facts address a variety of topics including safety, types of materials, and definitions of common terms. The fun never stops with the MCAA #FunFactFriday social media series. 


One of our longest-running social media series is #SafetySaturday, of which posts have appeared on both the MCAA and MASONRY Magazine social media pages over the years. As the national organization dedicated to promoting the best interests of the masonry community in North America, the MCAA is proud to share a wide variety of safety resources like technical notes, silica safety guides, and on-demand webinars for their members every day. 

#SafetySaturday is an opportunity to share some of these invaluable resources with our social media followers and shine a spotlight on up-to-date safety information that may just save lives on the jobsite. From educational information for upper management and jobsite trainers to simple tips that mason tenders can follow for proper PPE use, there is almost no limit to the breadth and depth of resources available for MCAA members. You may not be on the jobsite, but you can always work on being safer with the MCAA on #SafetySaturday. 


There’s so much to be learned from project case studies: what went right, what went wrong, and what advice and experience you can learn from when approaching the project (or something similar) yourself. From advanced techniques with dramatic effect to simple tips and tricks that make a stunning difference, case studies are a wealth of knowledge and information when it comes to designing and executing a project with your team. 

At MASONRY Magazine, we love case studies, and we’ll never miss an opportunity to highlight some of our best on our social media pages. While we do show off case studies in other social media initiatives, #StudySunday is dedicated solely to case studies with more practical applications. Unlike #WackyWednesday or #MASONRYMonday, #StudySunday provides insight into new and innovative masonry materials, techniques, and equipment that will make career masons everyday lives easier and more efficient. 


#TBT (Tues/Thurs)

We couldn’t assemble a list of our top social media series and leave #TBT out of the mix. Also known as #ThrowbackTuesday or #ThrowbackThursday, #TBT is a fun and versatile social media hashtag and a unique social media initiative for the MCAA and MASONRY Magazine. This completely original content is pulled directly from the MCAA archives and includes a fascinating bunch of vintage advertisements, decades-old association paperwork, and photographs from previous industry conventions and events. At 70 years old, the MCAA is steeped in rich history and incredible stories, and we love sharing our past with our social media followers. #TBT is an awesome way to engage with both our young professionals and experienced masons alike, and with its popularity, it looks like this social media series is here to stay. 


Last on the list, but certainly not least, #MotivationMonday is here to lift the spirits. Let’s be honest- no one really likes Mondays! After a fun and relaxing weekend, it can definitely be a challenge to get back up and moving and to get back into the groove of working through the seemingly endless week ahead. For those dark and dreary Mondays when our social media followers need a pick me up, we love to share #MotivationMonday posts. This MCAA social media initiative takes motivational quotes from artists, politicians, business owners, athletes, celebrities, and more and applies them to our daily lives in a format that is quick to read and easy to share with your followers. Lighthearted and spirited, #MotivationMonday has definitely changed the way the MASONRY Magazine team starts their week. 

It’s subtle, but whether you realize it or not, social media is changing the way we live our daily lives. In a world where we’re more connected than ever, it’s easy to stay connected and engaged with your favorite industry groups on everything from Facebook to Twitter (and everything in between). Like other industry associations, the MCAA and MASONRY Magazine have embraced social media and have subsequently worked hard to produce original and engaging content in the series mentioned above as well as a variety of others. If you’re interested in staying connected with industry news and learning more about the marvelous world of masonry, be sure to subscribe, like, and follow our social media pages, leave comments, and let us know what you want to see next. 

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