Staying Positive

Words: Todd Fredrick

Dan Kamys, Editorial Director -

  This year has been strange. I’m sure that isn’t the first time you’ve heard someone say that to you this year. It feels like just yesterday our team was getting home from the World of Concrete, and all of a sudden here we are in September. I am still processing the events that occurred this year, but I keep trying to look at some of the positives during this time. When Bronzella and I were talking about what I’d write for this note, we both laughed and said that we aren’t the kind of people who typically make lists. One of us then made the comment that a global pandemic forcing us to all stay at home also wasn’t something typical. Heck, if I’d been able to time travel back in December and see the inside of a grocery store full of people wearing masks, I’d think it was some type of joke.  Life is uncomfortable, especially this year. So, when I found myself writing a list of “silver linings” from this year, I was at first a little surprised. But, like Bronzella and I have talked about, we’re allowed to change and adapt. It’s what makes us human. So, if you’re feeling down, just try and take a step back and realize the blessings you still have in your life. I know it’s helped me.  Some of the things the MCAA team and I came up with as positives through this were: 
  • Curbside pickup. I love that I can pretty much get anything by ordering ahead and picking up now. 
  • Bronzella got married and moved into a place of her own! While our team was bummed that we celebrate with the newlyweds, she was still able to tie the knot in a smaller ceremony.  
  • Family time. While we all worked from home, we were in our family’s presence. For every time my three-year-old yelled in the background of a conference call, he came into my makeshift home office and gave me a hug (after being bribed with a Tootsie Pop). 
  • Being able to cook more. We’re all foodies on the team, so getting to text each other what we were making provided a nice substitute for conversing at the office. 
  • Appreciating our team. It is hard to go to work with people you don’t like. That is absolutely not the case here. One highlight was when the entire office staff trekked to my house to safely celebrate my (dreaded) 30th birthday in our yard. We also picked up groceries and shared with one another. I’m still working my way through the big container of Jelly Belly beans that Jeff got me.
This is a tough time, but it’s the little things that have helped us get through it. All of us here wish you, your family, and your business continued strength as we get through this.   dsig
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