World of Concrete 2019: Bronze Lot Showcase

Words: Todd Fredrick

Located in the Bronze Lot, MASONRY MADNESS® is a highlight of World of Concrete. This action-packed area is filled with masonry competitions ranging from the MCAA’s Skills Challenge and Fastest Trowel on the Block, as well as the SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500 and Toughest Tender.   

In Tent City and The Masonry Innovations and Workforce Development Zone provides the opportunity for attendees to see the latest and greatest in the industry. Tuesday, January 22nd through Friday, January 25, 2019 attendees and competitors can enjoy hands-on demonstrations that showcase the newest innovations in the masonry industry. From inventive apps to cutting-edge products and innovative wall systems, to interactive product demonstrations and expert-provided information and training in the field.   

There is something for everyone in the Bronze Lot this year. Be sure to stop and see the competitions and walk through The Masonry Innovations and Workforce Development Zone. We hope to see you there!  

Cast Stone Institute  

The Cast Stone Institute will display a wall of architectural cast stone veneer, water table, and decorative pieces. The proper cast stone installation, anchoring, and use the joints in these applications will be highlighted. The wall’s design will showcase the versatility and the ability to produce architectural cast stone for both traditional and modern styles.    

The Cast Stone Institute has partnered with Williamson College of Trades in Media, PA. 12 senior-level masonry students and their instructor will be at the booth to build the backup block wall and install the cast stone pieces. This provides the opportunity for the students to display their skills to attendees while learning how to properly install architectural cast stone.   


Team tracking app Crewtracks will be showcasing their Document Management feature. “This new feature really makes us the truly paperless operation solution in the mobile-type space,” Brett Fairbourn, Director of Marketing of Crewtracks states. This new feature is not a file folder, but photos or PDF files can be taken or uploaded to the app. Users can draw on it, create notes and messages and everything will sync with all the team members who have the app. Custom PDF forms can be created, uploaded to Crewtracks, and then filled out by members of the team as needed.   

Crewtracks has also developed features in their app tailored to the masonry industry. There are one of the only time-keeping apps that enables users to turn off the time clock as needed. This may seem counter-productive, but Crewtracks has found a lot of masonry companies they have worked with care way more about production over hours worked. So, there are digital timesheets available to set standard hours (if necessary) for certain jobs. Crewtracks is also currently working on their production reporting, they will be adding reporting by individual and benchmarks for productions by the hour or day. Learn more about this app and what it has to offer at their booth.  


Husqvarna will be showcasing a variety of equipment and accessories tailored to masons. They will have their MS 360 masonry saw, which features a water containment system that keeps water, slurry and debris controlled while in use. Attendees will also get a chance to see an array of power cutters ranging from gas-powered, to electric, and now battery-powered for any condition on the jobsite.   

Their booth will also showcase the S 26 Dust Extractor attachment that is used for dry cutting and is in compliance with OSHA regulations. Husqvarna will also have the Sta-Level® blade guard at their booth, which ensures more accurate cuts. They will be doing demoes all of their products in the Masonry Innovations & Workforce Zone as well as their outdoor booth #O30166, to see their products in action. 

Iron Age Footwear CRACK-RESISTANT Boots “Say No To Crack”   

Iron Age will be debuting their new boot package slated to be on the market in May or June of this year. Attendees and competitors have the opportunity to stop by their tent or booth and have a photo taken of their work boots with any cracks or mortar damage for a chance to compete on the big board with others who have entered. The contestant with the most damage to their current boots will win a free pair of Iron Age’s new CRACK-RESISTANT BOOTS, the IMMORTALIZER Concrete- Tough, when they are released. They will also be accepting photos of work boots sent via social media as a way of entering the contest.   

Attendees will also have the chance to learn about their new mortar resistant leathers and sealants that are first to the market. The IMMORTALIZER Concrete-Tough Boot series features Crack Resistant Leather that is mortar and acid resistant. Easy cleaning rubber bottoms that come with their patented cleaning tool, memory foam footbed, and more. Discover more about their new boot series at their booth.    

iQ Power Tools  

iQ Power Tools is proud to sponsor of this year’s Masonry Innovations & Workforce Development Zone.  Spectators have the opportunity to witness world-class masonry craftsmanship while gaining exposure to some of the latest technology and developments advancing the masonry industry. They are thrilled to have live demonstrations of their extensive lineup of dust-free tools in the Innovation Zone for the duration of the show.   

iQ will be showcasing seven of their innovative saw systems. “Every iQ Power Tool has been engineered with the contractor’s personal safety in mind,” says Paul Guth, President of iQ Power Tools. “We are committed to creating innovative and intelligent tools that help eliminate the life-threatening risks and accidents that occur on construction job sites across the nation and world every day.”   

Attendees will find the iQ2000® Systems: The iQ2000® has a durable design for construction & industrial applications. It meets all state and federal OSHA regulations including U.S. Army Corps of Engineers EM 385-1-1. The iQ1014S®: Portable dust collection for 14″ masonry saws, which eliminates wet cutting problems. The iQMS362®: The World’s First 16.5” Masonry Saw with Integrated Dust Collection, which meets the 2017 OSHA Silica Standard. The iQTS244®: The World’s First Dry Cut Tile Saw with Integrated Dust Collection, which saves one hour per day or more in setup and cleanup time. Be sure to stop by their outdoor booth to see these saw systems and more.   


Attendees at the show will have the opportunity to get the latest information on the NCCER. They are also featuring information on the BYF (Build Your Future) Campaign. Additionally, there will be a project being built by SkillsUSA winner Kelby Thornton, over the course Tuesday and Wednesday. This is another opportunity for attendees and competitors to stop by the booth, see what Kelby is doing, and wish him luck in the upcoming World Skills Competition in Russia.   


SPEC MIX will be showcasing the SEC MIX Material Mixing Station, they will be demonstrating technology that reduces exposure to dust at mixing stations. SPEC MIX® takes pride in continuing to provide its customers with timely information and solutions to keep projects moving forward in a fashion that addresses worker safety and OSHA Standards. Attendees will also have the opportunity to see the new SPEC MIX D2W Workhorse Continuous Mixer with its Gas-Powered Hydraulic Drive Pack and new silo accessories that help to reduce dust at mixing stations.   

During their demos, SPEC MIX will be handing out their new “Material Use Guide,” this is designed to be a resource to educate and prepare contractors with important information on OSHA’s New Crystalline Silica Rule for Construction.   

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