The Season Of Outdoor Activities

Words: Bronzella Cleveland

The Season of Outdoor Activities

Bronzella Cleveland, Editor -

Has the year zoomed past or what? It feels like I was just writing my Assistant Editor’s Note and now here I am working on my Editor’s Note for MASONRY.  It’s finally summer and the only thing we seem to talk about in the office is how great the weather is and the next cookout or barbecue we’re having or going to. After my third barbecue, I decided to make this summer my season of being active outdoors. Be it going for a walk or attending a holiday barbecue.   The weather just encourages all of us in the office to go outside and do something. Just being able to sport my sunglasses and sandals are rewards enough after enduring the torrential winter we had this year. I have to say I almost thought the warm weather was never going to come. But that’s enough about my love for warm weather. Let’s get into what you have to look forward to reading after my note.   We have tons of good things going on in this issue. You’ll find two summer-themed articles on the safety precautions of working in the heat. Staying hydrated is only part of the battle against warm weather when working in the summer heat. There’s also an innovative levels article focusing on the functions of a pocket and extendable levels.   The National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) is celebrating their 100th year anniversary. They’ve done so much in the industry from innovations to workforce development, so be sure to check out the article highlighting their milestones and efforts throughout the years. In this month’s case study we’re highlighting the original water tower and pump station in Chicago, IL. Last month we had the opportunity to visit the two historic buildings. I was so excited to tour them and learn the history. Who knew the original pipes were made from hollowed wooden logs? You’ll learn all about the history of these buildings when you read this article. Be on the lookout for our Natural Stone And Hardscapes Ride Along in August. It will definitely be a resource you’ll want to have on your desk for years to come. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our other publication MASONRY DESIGN. Subscribe for the online newsletters or quarterly magazines online at As always let us know if you have any story ideas you’d like to see in the magazine. Enjoy the weather as long as you can! Until next time.  
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