My Favorite Time Of Year

Words: Bronzella Cleveland

My Favorite Time Of Year

Dan Kamys, Editor -

There’s always been something inexplicable that I love about Fall. Whether it be the leaves changing color and dropping off the trees, sweater weather, or the promise of incoming holidays, I’m not sure. Though I’m not a huge fan of Halloween, it kicks off what many call the Season of Giving. Sure, handing out fun-size Snickers to kids dressed up like their favorite cartoon characters isn’t quite the most charitable thing to do, but for me at least it sets the tone. Easing into the Thanksgiving season, I always find it to be an appropriate time for reflection. So often, we are caught up in running our day-to-day lives within our own respective occupations and families that we often lose sight of what’s important. The fact that we have a roof over our head, food on the table, and people who care about us is something that I know I often take for granted. Every November, whether it be on my drive to work or during a quiet moment at home (though I don’t know if I’ll have any more of those with a little one and three dogs), I take stock of how blessed I’ve been throughout my life. Yes, we all have had hard times. However, I’ve always made it through on the other side as a stronger person. That’s why when the holiday season rolls around, I find it important to try and give back in some small way. Now, I am admittedly not a mason (though I’m fascinated by the industry), but there is a way that you can give back to the industry. The fact that you’re even reading this magazine means that you care about the trade, too. Take a look later in the magazine for some insight into The Masonry Foundation and try to give. We at the magazine and the MCAA as the larger entity really are trying to push the industry forward. In this issue, you can find some interesting topics that we haven’t written about very often. Workwear and sustainable building materials are two focal points of this issue, and I hope you find them useful. Additionally, you had to unwrap this issue. Riding along with our November 2017 Masonry is the Mason’s Guide To Natural Stone. We hope that this will further allow mason contractors a way to explore the expansion of your respective businesses. This is the first of what we hope are many more ride-alongs with detailing on other types of jobs mason contractors can perform. Happy start of the holiday season to you and yours. I hope you’re all incredibly busy, but are able to take some time to spend with loved ones. Best, Dan   dsig
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