Chairman's Message: Spring 2017: Silica, Auctions and Policy

Words: Michael Sutter

Spring 2017: Silica, Auctions and Policy

Michael Sutter, MCAA Chairman

I hope your backlog is full, you're equipment is serviced, your manpower is geared up and you are ready to roll from Spring into Summer. Hopefully this will be a great summer for all of us as our industry is healthy and growing. I know here at MCAA we are excited about the goals we have for this year and can’t wait to share them with all of you.

I know I mentioned this in my last article but I feel a need to mention it again. As much as the new OSHA silica rule has been discussed, I still run into contractors that don’t know anything about it. I don’t want them to find out about it the day the OSHA compliance officer shows up on their jobsite and writes up a violation that results in a big old fine. Silica is going to be easy money for OSHA because too few contractors are knowledgeable and prepared for the rule implementation on June 23rd of this year. You must have a competent person on the jobsite, all your employees must have received training and you need a job specific written plan on site as well. The good news is that MCAA is helping with each and every step. We are traveling around the country, currently having 15 cities scheduled for a Train the Trainer course. If you send just one of your employees to the training, they can then return to your company and train all your foremen to be a competent person and also train all your employees. In addition, you can log into the MCAA website and download a site specific written plan for all of your jobsites. This written plan is mandatory to have on site and is provided for free for all MCAA members. The MCAA is doing everything we can to help contractors to be prepared for June 23rd but you have to take the initiative to schedule your class and get your competent person credentials. Don’t be left behind, it could be very expensive.

In a couple of weeks, the MCAA Online Auction will be held. From April 23rd to the 25th the auction will be live. Most of the items in the auction are either materials or equipment you are planning on purchasing anyway, so why not purchase it through MCAA and save some money and help MCAA fund the projects we undertake for our members. I know I participate every year and I love to try to outbid people like Mackie Bounds and Mark Kemp yet still save some money. On a fun note, every year there is Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza certificate that the MCAA staff try to steal for themselves but we are on to them. Last year Brian Kemp, who lives in Milwaukee bid them up and took the pizzas. Keep your eye on it this year and try not to let the staff get their pizza. Or at least make them pay fair value for it!

The MCAA Legislative Fly-in is coming next month, May 16th to 18th. This is a must attend event. Besides all the business we will accomplish with our visits with our representatives on the Hill, we are returning to the National Cathedral private tour. Our tour will be led by the head mason for the cathedral and will be behind the scenes, above the ceiling domes and even on top of the roof. This is an unforgettable tour that you can’t miss. Hotel rooms always are an issue so make your reservations early and get your room secured. Otherwise you will end up in another hotel not nearly as close to the Hill.

It’s never too early to start planning for the MCAA Mid-year meeting beginning on August 27th to 30th in beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Steamboat is an outdoor playground in both the winter for their world class skiing and in the summer for the many activities that are available for us. I’m going to ask Alan Johnson and Heath Holdaway to head up our fly fishing excursion. Steamboat is known for their cold water rainbow trout in the many streams around the area. I am looking forward to seeing you there!

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