Side Story: Editor's Pick - Hand it to Handi-Straps

Words: Dan KamysMarch 2008 Personal Safety

Handi-Straps allow loads to be grasped with rubberized webbing extension over the fingers, transferring loads directly on top of the spine to the strongest and safest part of the body. The straps can bypass a load past any arm or shoulder injury because of hook attachments. Back strains are greatly reduced, as the leverages of loads on the back are made safer.

When fatigue and injury are offset, production increases. The straps provide enhanced stability, since the load is distributed evenly over the whole body. Handi-Straps has tested to keep legs substantially safer when walking with a load.

Four Different Types of Natural Stone Used For Masonry

Natural stone has been a staple in masonry for centuries. Before it was used to transform home and landscape designs on residential properties, it was used for historical buildings and some of the most iconic destinations in the world.

Advice to the Beginners

The best advice I could give anyone that is starting a career in masonry is that first and foremost, you must "know" yourself. What do you like to do? What would you like in a working environment? Do you like to be outside? Do you enjoy physical activity

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Masonry Safety Inspections

The look of confusion and utter loss on people’s faces when I tell them that I’m a safety inspector for a masonry company is often hilarious.

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Dave Jollay Announced as Third Inductee for MCAA 2024 Hall of Fame

Following in the footsteps of his father, O.L. Jollay, the founder of Jollay Masonry, Inc., Dave Jollay has carved out a remarkable career in the masonry industry.