August 2015: Chairman’s Message

Words: Mark Kemp

The MCAA Midyear Meeting Is Approaching

Mark KempMark Kemp Chairman Mason Contractors Association of America

I am excited because, in a month, my family and I will be in Margaretville or Key West, Fla., and I hope you and your family will be joining us. You can register online through the MCAA website. The MCAA headquarters will be the Hyatt Key West Resort and Spa, located on the Gulf of Mexico. You cannot get a better location than right by Mallory Square, where you can take in one of the most beautiful sunsets ever seen, while being entertained by the street entertainers. Walk out the front door of the hotel, and you can stroll down Duval Street, which runs the length of the Island. You will truly feel you are in another world, seeing lots of great restaurants, bars and boutiques. Here is a brief outline of events: Sunday – The MCAA is hosting a very special dinner for the people and companies who have made pledges to the Masonry Foundation. These people will be listed as Founders in the Foundation. It is not too late to be included on the list. If you wish to make a pledge please contact Jeff or myself, and we will get you all the information you need. As I have stated in the past, this is the biggest undertaking ever by MCAA. Finally, we will be able to be proactive, rather than reactive, to the needs of our industry. Monday – In the morning, we will hold our committee chair meetings. During these meetings committee chairs will discuss and plan the future of each committee. We will have an opening dinner on the hotel dock and then board a catamaran for a sunset cruise. You will never see a better sunset. We will have beverages and dessert, while you mingle with your fellow contractor friends. What a great way to start the Midyear Meeting. Tuesday – We first will hold our speed dating event from 8 a.m. to noon. Here, contractors will be educated on many different products offered in our industry. This is a great opportunity to find out what is new. In the afternoon, you are free to relax, enter the fishing tournament, or do the snorkeling. The fishing will be deep sea fishing. If you want to bring back your catch, the hotel will cook it for you. If snorkeling is your thing, then explore the world’s third-largest reef.  The water is warm and crystal clear. Later that evening, we are having a walking Pub Crawl and will experience some the most famous establishments in the Keys, such as Sloppy Joes and Black Beard. Wednesday – Start the day with breakfast and the MCAA Board Meeting. The MCAA members should attend to learn what MCAA has been doing and what it plans to do in the future. An update on the committees will be given as well. From 10 a.m. – noon, we will hold our Networking Roundtable Discussions. This is a great opportunity to openly discuss topics with other peers in a non-competitive atmosphere. I personally have picked up and shared many ideas with many contractors. In the afternoon, you can either go inshore fishing or do the jet ski island tour. What is great about inshore fishing is the variety of fish you catch and, again, can bring back to the hotel to have it cooked for you. I cannot think of a better way to see Key West than the Jet Ski tour. You will have a unique tour of the island by water. There will be stops along the way, including an ability to see wild life (the sea kind) and swim at a sand bar. We will have our closing dinner at Bagatelle Key West, and you really cannot get more Key West than this establishment. It is an 1884 house with balconies all around it, a perfect way to settle down for the evening and socialize among friends. I know I said a brief outline, but it is hard to be short when we have such great events planned.  My wife and family are excited to create some special moments with you and your family. See you Sept. 27!
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