March 2015: Chairman’s Message

Words: Mark KempMarch 2015

Another Successful Convention in Vegas

Mark Kemp Chairman Mason Contractors Association of America headshot-px_prezdesk-mark-kempI hope everyone had a safe trip back from the MCAA Annual Convention, and I hope you are also excited about all the positive things happening in our industry. This year, we switched our main hotel from the Wynn to the Aria. Through our survey, you will have a chance to critique everything about the convention, so please take the time to complete it. It is important for MCAA to hear your thoughts, so we can keep improving your annual convention. All our educational classes were well attended, which shows the commitment contractors have to improve their companies’ futures. As usual, the Round Table Discussions were well attended. The input and discussions by all who attended were amazing. It is great to see contractors working together and sharing ideas to make each other stronger. The South of 40 luncheon program was outstanding. It was divided into two parts, one discussing the key role of foreman, and the other focused on understanding financial statements. After talking to several people who attended, all wanted to see this seminar expanded. Look for this in May at our South of 40 event in Washington, D.C. The committee meeting updates showed that all the committees are working hard to achieve their goals. Much good input was offered by everyone in attendance. If you have an interest in working on any of the committees, contact Jeff,, or me, We raised around $28,000 for the PAC Fund and $5,600 for the PEC Fund at our PAC reception.  Thank you to all who contributed, and if you would like to make a contribution to either or both, call the MCAA office. Just a reminder that the PAC fund is personal money donated to support the future of our industry and your company. PAC money is the money we use to support our friends in D.C. The PEC fund would be money donated by your company or chapters to fund MCAA’s cost for things like our lobbyist and PAC reception. [caption id="attachment_6887" align="alignright" width="300"]Shown are the MCAA Board Members at their best during the South of 40 event in Las Vegas Shown are the MCAA Board Members at their best during the South of 40 event in Las Vegas[/caption] We are continuing our push for the Check-Off bill along with our partner, NCMA. Once the bill is reintroduced, we will be looking to zero in on key senators and representatives. We continue to work with our Silica Coalition to fight the unnecessary, new proposed rule by OSHA. These are two strong reasons for you to support both the PEC and the PAC funds. We also need your support when we go to D.C. for our Legislative Conference, May 12-14. Don’t let others determine what is best for your company and the industry. The Ladies Program went well, and it is nice to see old and new relationships form. The South of 40 event at Senor Frog was a huge success, raising $15,000 for the Masonry Foundation. It was well attended with everyone socializing and meeting new people. We also sang Happy Birthday to Calvin Brodie, who turned 60 the next day. Masonry Madness was incredible, as usual. This event also raised money for the Children of Fallen Soldiers. A special thanks to Spec Mix for partnering with this organization. John Smith received the Leadman Award at the Annual Meeting. John has devoted many years, not just to MCAA, but to the industry. At the Closing Banquet, Bill Dentinger was inducted into the Masonry Hall of Fame. Bill was instrumental in uniting MCAA during a difficult time, pointing out the need to allow both union and non-union under the MCAA umbrella. At both the Past-Presidents’ Dinner and the Closing Banquet, attendees pointed out that our industry is family oriented and passed down, generation after generation. In closing, I have to tell a brief story that Bill Dentinger told us about his tie at the Past-Presidents’ Dinner. It was some 35 years ago that Bill was at the convention, and he kept complimenting John Smith Jr.’s father about the tie he was wearing. At the end of the convention John Smith Sr. gave Bill the tie and said, “You like it so much, you might as well keep it!” This demonstrates that the MCAA is truly a family. Thanks to all the members who make MCAA great! Return to Table of Contents
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