Course on Managing Claims and Change Orders in Construction

Words: Dan Kamys

On Oct. 15, WPL Publishing will kick off a comprehensive series of interactive webinars to help professionals within the construction community successfully manage claims and change orders on their projects.

This unprecedented series will cover construction claims and change orders from A to Z, with a focus on identification, contract interpretation, pricing, schedule delay, negotiation, and other pertinent topics. The course will feature more than 30 expert speakers, including attorneys and consultants who possess a wealth of expertise in these matters. To register for the 16-part series, which begins WOct. 15, 2014, at 1 p.m. (EDT) and ends April 15, 2015, visit

The series, entitled "The Essential Course on Successful Management of Claims & Change Orders," goes in-depth to show why claims occur and how to recognize them. Contract interpretation and complying with notification requirements are key to claims recovery. Three sessions deal with the issues of delays, acceleration, time extensions and the role of critical path method (CPM) schedules. The issues of lost productivity measurement, pricing and negotiation, an important part of the claims-resolution process, are explored in detail. The interplay of bonds, insurance and liens in the construction-disputes process are the subject of two sessions. Finally, a special session on the unique change-order and claim scenarios that exist in design-build and GMP contracts will close out the series.

At the end of each webinar, there will be an interactive 10- to 15-minute question-and-answer session addressing relevant topics. Included in the course materials will be handouts and special reports on each topic. 

"Year-in and year-out I see multi-million-dollar claims in dispute that evolved from seemingly minor issues encountered during the course of a project," says Paul Levin, author of Construction Contract Claims, Changes and Dispute Resolution, published by ASCE Press. "Often, claims occur on major projects by top construction companies and sophisticated owners, and can be due to simple inattentiveness, non-familiarity with the specs or unwillingness to deal with issues as they arrive, willingly or not. They're smart people – just busy trying to push the project ahead. From my own experience in taking classes like this early in my career, these attorneys and consultants teach you how to think and approach the day-to-day challenges in a manner that produces satisfactory results for all involved."

Webinar tuition is based on location, not number of participants, so each registration site can have multiple participants for one low price. To register, visit

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