August 2014: Chairman's Message

Words: Mark KempAugust 2014 Chairman's Message

Staying Busy for You

So, I hope everyone had a great July 4th, but also took some time to remember how fortunate we are to have our freedoms. So often, we have a tendency to take things for granted, not realizing all the hard work and dedication of others. Well the same applies to MCAA, so I would like to say “thank you” to all our members for supporting the association, and a special thanks to the members who are actively supporting the association – not only financially – but also through time commitment.

I had the honor of speaking at the National Masonry Skills Challenge luncheon in Kansas City. What a great event! A special “hats off” to Bryan Light and the rest of the group for the outstanding job they do. Events like this will ensure our industry has the craftsmen or craftswomen needed for our future.??????

July has been a busy month for MCAA. We had our training session for our Masonry Foundation in Dallas in mid-July. We have a great group of leaders who are now ready to go out spreading the word about your Masonry Foundation and start getting the commitments. This foundation will enable our industry to not only control its future, but also impact your businesses future. I hope all of you will support the Masonry Foundation, and remember that it is an investment in your future.

As this issue of Masonry goes to press, Jeff and I will be heading to D.C. to talk with the Bricklayers Union about continuing their sponsorship of the skills challenge at Masonry Madness, among other things. We will be speaking with the Laborers Union about sponsoring a new event to be held during Masonry Madness as well. Both the Bricklayers and the Laborers Union continue to work with MCAA for the advancement of the masonry industry. While in D.C., we also will meet with some key representatives on the Check-Off bill. While we expect the bill to hit the floor in August, we need to make that last push. As of July 18, 2014, we have 218 House and 20 Senate sponsors.

We executive officers will head to Park City, Utah, at the end of July for the NCMA convention. Both organizations look forward to this meeting, so we can discuss what is happening in the masonry industry, our organizations, and working together on industry problems. We have applied for a grant with the NCMA Foundation to be used for workforce development.

After spending a couple days in Park City, Jeff and I are heading to Florida for a State Masonry Convention. I am excited to have the opportunity to meet more mason contractors from Florida and to give them an update on everything MCAA is doing for them nationally. This is a very exciting time for the Florida Chapter, because they just got approval of their State Check Off program.

They always say, “Save the best for last.” So, here it is: the MCAA Midyear Meeting in Milwaukee! This will be a great event, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to have a great time in a great city on a Great Lake (no pun intended). My wife, Pauline, and I are looking forward to showing you our hometown. Pauline has put together a nice welcome basket for you upon your arrival, highlighting local favorites. Some of the social events we have scheduled are a special event at our condo, Awards Banquet at the Harley Museum, and our Closing Banquet starting with a river cruise stopping at Barnacle Buds (a true land mark along the river), and then to our final destination, The Horny Goat.

There will be music to fit the theme of the evening and different events in which to participate. Mark your calendars for Sept. 10-13. Along with the fun, we will have some important meetings, such as our committee planning sessions for the upcoming year, a board meeting, contractor’s round table and something new this year, Speed Dating. We look forward to seeing all of you in Milwaukee and, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me,

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