March 2013: Chairman's Message

Words: John Smith Jr. Chairman's Message

The 2013 MCAA Convention has concluded. We are all back at work, taking what we learned and applying it to our own companies. The attendance of mason contractors was at a record level at the convention this year. Most contractors I spoke to are starting to get busy. Some have work on the books and others are very busy bidding. The most common statement was that prices are still very competitive. As we have experienced and been told, this recession is slow in leaving.

Hopefully, you were able to gain some knowledge out of the activities at the convention. We pushed hard at the convention to promote the networking sessions during the show, in the classroom and at every meeting. The only negative that I heard was that the four days go by so fast. For the officers and executive board, it is like a freight train. We are busy from morning to night.

We talk about our contractor attendance, but I do want to take a moment and thank all of the suppliers and vendors at the show. As I would have liked to visit all, those that I did visit had about the same reply. Business is starting to pick up, with plenty of room for improvement. Please keep these suppliers in mind, if you are looking to purchase any new equipment or supplies in the coming year. Some of these vendors you will see all year round in our strategic partner program. It is also nice to include MCAA when you make purchases. Tell them you are members and appreciate their support of our industry.

Now, a little more on the highlights of the convention: There were some notable accomplishments for this year’s MCAA Convention. First was the launch of the website. Imani Brodie, our committee chairperson, and Tim O’Toole, our staff liaison, have totally reworked the site and made it user friendly. This, I believe, will be the one and only masonry go-to site. There will be more from them on advertising and start up in the future.

Another highlight was board approval of some major changes in the certification program. Bobby Gladu and his committee discussed changes to the board during the Midyear Meeting last September, and were unanimously approved by the majority at the convention.

Steve Borg with The Keelen Group gave us an update on what is happening and not happening in Washington, D.C. We thank them for their service to the MCAA. What an important part of our business.

A special thanks needs to go out to our entire staff for the work they performed months before and during the convention. The countless behind-the-scenes hours and efforts are so much appreciated. I would also like to thank all of the contractors that helped us during the Masonry Madness Day. It was a long and rewarding day.

We also owe a debt of gratitude to Brian and Nick with SpecMix, along with all of the other suppliers who helped us out with our membership promotion. It was a great success.

I do not want to forget Moroni Mejia and Brian Light for their efforts that day with the Skills Challenge and the Fastest Trowel competition.

Thank you again all Committee Chairs and staff who made the 2013 MCAA Convention one of the best. Return to Table of Contents
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