January 2013: Chairman's Message

Words: John Smith Jr. Chairman's Message New Beginning

I would like to wish you a prosperous New Year. As we move into 2013, we have many new challenges facing us. The current economic environment makes survival skills that much more critical to all of our suppliers and us. We must all look to the future for the better days that are coming. We must all continue to promote our businesses along with the masonry industry. There are many exterior wall systems and alternatives, but we all know that masonry is superior and is the system of choice after any full comparison of systems.

We also need to continue to educate ourselves in our industry and that of others. A great way to do that is to attend the MCAA convention in Las Vegas. Again, this year, we are a part of the World of Concrete. There are many opportunities Feb. 3 – 8, along with a host of educational opportunities to enhance your knowledge of business and masonry needs. The MCAA is offering three excellent programs: Masonry Quality Institute, Foreman Development Course, and a New Wall-Bracing Seminar. All of these programs will help position your company to take advantage of the coming economic recovery.

On Wednesday during World of Concrete, we are having a total Masonry day at the Convention Center – Masonry Madness Day. Outside on the Gold Lot, we will have the Masonry Skills Challenge, Toughest Tender Contest, the Fastest Trowel on the Block Competition, and the Spec Mix Bricklayer 500. During our membership drive, we are offering $1,500 in supplies to those who sign up for a two-year membership at the show. It is our quest to sign up as many mason contractors as possible into the MCAA, in order to become a larger force in the industry.

We also have four social events this year: the MAC-PAC reception, Opening Dinner, South of 40 Event, and Closing Dinner. These events will be outside of the Wynn Hotel. So, you will have the ability to see the Las Vegas Strip and all of its lights and brilliance.

Lastly, we have set up numerous opportunities for networking with other contractors. The MCAA Committee meetings and MCAA Annual Meeting always prove to be excellent opportunities to hear what’s new in the industry and to learn what the MCAA is doing for you. On the show floor in the masonry area, we will have our enclosed classroom, where you can sit and discuss areas of our business.

There are many different types, so please see registration information for areas that are of interest to you. We will also have Networking Round Table Discussion to focus on specific interests/needs of every individual. Topics include: CFOs/Controllers; Owners/CEOs; Estimating/Marketing; Safety/HR; Union Contractors; Field Personnel/Project Managers and Estimating.

Welcome to the show! The World of Masonry – part of The World of Concrete – has more than 40,000 square feet of products, tools and systems on display in one location! What a wonderful opportunity to gain new ideas and brainstorm with fellow contractors, suppliers and experts in the industry. Again, I hope to see all of you in Las Vegas for our 2013 convention.

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