BASF Launches Polyurethanes Website

Words: Dan KamysBASF Launches Polyurethanes Website
BASF’s Polyurethanes business in North America has launched a new website,   Designed to provide visitors with easy access to product information, the website includes a new "Polyurethanes 101” section, an interactive “Ask the Expert” section, and downloadable tools such as videos, literature and case studies about the company’s high-value polyurethane products used in key applications such as construction, house and home, appliances, transportation and energy.

“Our newly constructed website, offers visitors an entirely new experience,” said Gerry Podesta, senior VP, Polyurethanes, for BASF in North America.  “Information is organized based on the industry of interest, products are searchable four different ways, and visitors can request a custom formulation based on their needs. We also make our experts available via the interactive ‘Ask the Expert’ section - allowing visitors to submit questions as well as learn from other entries. All of this is accomplished for the visitor with a minimum of clicks.”   

In addition to its broad portfolio of urethane chemicals, elastomers and specialty systems, BASF offers deep application and formulation expertise centered on the multi-faceted polyurethane molecule.  While polyurethanes are found throughout a myriad of value chains, innovations in polyurethanes can also help end use manufacturers achieve their most difficult goals such as energy-efficient homes and buildings, lighter weight cars and reduced environmental impacts.
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