Innovative Masonry Equipment Updates: What You Need to Know

Words: Vanessa Salvia

Words: Vanessa Salvia
Photos: ToughBuilt, DeWalt, Toro, Gilaxia 

Equipment and gear are meant to be used, and once it's used, it eventually needs to be replaced. Using new equipment and gear means you get the best results from your work. And in the case of something like knee pads, technology has improved to the point that if you are using older knee pads, you might be truly surprised at how much better newer versions are. Battery life is continually being improved as well, so for your cordless tools, it could be an excellent investment to upgrade batteries to save you work time and frustration. Below is a round-up of some of the new equipment for masons that we found. 

ToughBuilt 3-Piece Tradesman Tool Belt

Anything that keeps tools close at hand is a necessity for masons. This ToughBuilt tool belt does that, and it does it well, brings organization and efficiency for contractors. ToughBuilt's ClipTech technology provides attachment points for any belt, tote bag, or other ClipTech product. This versatility allows you to carry only what you need and attach it almost anywhere. This set includes a padded belt with two rugged pouches and a heavy-duty buckle. Integrated kickstands allow your pouches and tools to stand on the floor or table next to you. The three pieces in this tool belt include 27 customized pockets and loops. Five large-capacity pockets have a hidden seam, so your tools don't get snagged. One pocket is specifically designed for a notebook. There's a durable hammer loop and two tape measure clips. They were made for a waist size of 32 to 48 inches. 

ToughBuilt GelFit Fanatic Thigh Support Stabilization Knee Pads

Knee caps don't come with much built-in cushion, and contractors are often on their knees a lot. Too much pressure on your knees can prevent injury, not to mention the discomfort of long durations of kneeling. Support your knees now, and your knees will thank you later. High-quality knee pads are barely noticeable when they're doing their job. These ToughBuilt GelFit Fanatic Thigh Support Stabilization Knee Pads set a new standard for all-day kneeling ergonomics, comfort, and functionality. Their structure provides stability even when you need to move side-to-side. The lower platform raises the shin off of the ground, alleviating pressure on the ankles. Gel and foam surround the natural shape of the knee and upper shin, providing support that the knee lacks on its own and distribution pressure for an extremely comfortable fit. The durable plastic outer pad is attached with thigh and calf straps that stay in place without cutting off circulation. 

For more information on ToughBuilt’s products check out their website 

Dewalt's Highest Capacity 12V Max and 20V Max Batteries

Drained batteries are the bane of any contractor. Dewalt's new line of highest capacity batteries may be the answer to those charging necessities. Their new 12V Max 5.0 Ah (DCB126) and 20V Max XR 10.0 Ah (DCB210) batteries are said to be the highest capacity batteries fully dedicated to the 12V Max and 20V Max systems. Each battery can extend the runtime of most tools within its respective system. This new line of highest-capacity 12V Max batteries includes twice the lithium-ion cells, which increases run time. The pack is compatible with most 12V Max power tools and chargers and includes a 2-year limited warranty. The 20V Max XR 10.0 Ah battery utilizes 21-mm large-format lithium-ion cells. This enables longer run-time and is designed to reduce the number of battery packs needed on the jobsite. The battery is compatible with most 20V Max power tools and chargers and weighs less than 10 ounces more than the 20V Max XR 5.0 Ah battery (DCB205). The 10.0 Ah pack comes with a 3-year limited warranty. 

For more information go to to see if this will stand the test of your workday.  

Toro Swivel Mud Buggy 

Using a small, maneuverable buggy that can hold materials and dump them could save you hours of time and back labor on the jobsite. Toro has made some advancements to their Material Buggy line by introducing the all-new Swivel Mud Buggy. This new Swivel Mud Buggy is the same frame as the previous models but features a redesigned tub that swivels 180 degrees, allowing users to dump materials just about anywhere. The tub is made of a thicker material and is said to to be able carry up to 2,500 pounds (16 cu. ft.) of sand, rock, mulch, brick, or even cement at speeds of up to 6 mph. 

For more information be sure to go to 

When it comes to equipment you use every day, it pays to invest in new, modern, more ergonomic versions, especially if the ones you use have been around a while. Equipment that you might use, even if it is only occasionally, can save you hours of labor overtime, which pays for itself. This is especially true if you sometimes rent equipment, like the mud buggies. It can be a more significant expenditure initially, but you will save money over the life of the equipment.

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